8 Things We Love About Autumn in Selma and Dallas County

8 Things We Love About Autumn in Selma and Dallas County

Each new season brings dramatic change to our region. We all have a favorite season, and regardless of yours, we can agree that Autumn is a special time in the Blackbelt for several reasons. We want to share just a few of the things we love about Autumn ‘round here, and for those who haven’t experienced Fall down south, we invite you to join us!

1. The Foliagefoilage
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We love seeing miles and miles of canopies painted by God’s own hand. Really, what more is there to say?

2. The Haunts and Haints

In a place as old as ours, we have accumulated our fair share of eternal inhabitants. Fall is the perfect time to get up close and personal with some of our more restless spirits at the Old Cahawba Spirits Investigation as part of the Selma-Dallas County Haunted History Tours. Would you rather keep your distance from paranormal happenings? We don’t blame you! Follow Kathryn Tucker Windham’s lead and delve into our literature and lore at the 38th Annual Tale-Tellin’ Festival!





3. Kozy Dogs at the Central Alabama Fair

Cozy webkozy-dogs

You can’t go to the Central Alabama Fair without at least hearing someone mention the famous “Cozy Dog.” Most likely, you’ll hear this deep fried creation’s calls over the loudspeaker right as you enter. Nonresidents may ask, “What on earth is a Cozy Dog; we aren’t talking about Fido, right?” We locals know it is the finest frank, dipped in the most delicious batter, deep fried to a perfect, golden brown. This, my friends, is no mere corn dog: it is Selma Alabama’s one-and-only Cozy Dog.

To read more about Gene Middlebrooks and the Cozy Dog, follow this link to the Selma-Times Journal: http://www.selmatimesjournal.com/2011/10/08/middlebrooks-cozy-dogs-draw-a-crowd/


4. Paul M. Grist Park

Fall colors

fall_colorsSure, there are many places where one can savor the cool, crisp air of an early autumn morn. When it comes to serenity, though, few compare to the hills and valleys of Paul M. Grist Park. The trails are perfect for hiking and horseback riding, and the lake is one of our favorite spots to catch a sunrise or sunset during the autumn season.

5. West Dallas Antique Tractor, Car, Gas Engine & Craft Show

West Dallas Tractor Show 3

Selma and Dallas County have a rich agrarian heritage, with much of our economy today lending itself to our farming roots. Come on down to Orrville (“Where the Livin’ is Easy”) the second Saturday in November for a gathering of classic tractors, cars, gas engines, and other antiques like you’ve never seen before! Vendors of every kind are also on hand showcasing some of our area’s finest makers and craftspeople.

6. Hayrides at Kenan’s Mill Festival

Visitor Guide Kenans Mill Festival hayride

Kenan’s Mill Festival is always a good time, but our favorite part might just be the Hayrides (second only to the Brunswick Stew). With the leaves falling and a light chill creeping into the air, there are few activities more invigorating than cruising into our past behind the pitter-patter of a classic tractor!

7. Autumn Athletics

On fall Saturday’s, college football is king. Weddings, funerals, and annual events are all planned according to the Tigers and the Tide. While football reigns supreme, there are many opportunities to watch and participate in the range of Autumn athletics. If you like to run, Fall is the time for you! Between the Get Fit Selma 5k and Fun Run, the Integrity Worldwide Run for Kenya, and the Pink War Walk & Run Against Breast Cancer, Selma and Dallas County has no shortage of opportunities to stretch your legs. Also, fall is the perfect time to get the kids out and about enjoying YMCA Soccer and Youth Football.

8. Fall Treats & Eats

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Food holds a special place in southern culture, and that is especially true here in Selma and Dallas County. Three of our biggest fall events are completely built around food: Fall Farm to Feast, St. Paul’s Lobsterfest, and the AWF Wild Game Cookoff. Whether you are looking to eat something from under the sea or out in the field, we have it all right here. Autumn is also the perfect time to fire up the pit and bring the family together for an old fashioned BBQ. It may take all day getting the meat ready to eat, but memories of the time spent with family and friends will last a lifetime. Check out full coverage of last year’s event here: http://www.selmatimesjournal.com/2015/10/29/duck-dish-wins-wildgame-cook-off/