Riverfront Market Day is where Selma’s blend of history comes alive with the sights, sounds and aromas of the Deep South.

Together with ArtsRevive, the Selma-Dallas County Historic Preservation Society invited quality vendors, artisans and craftsmen to market their wares. Food vendors offered everything from spicy southern barbecue to chicken on a stick, Oriental fare, Greek salads, Polish sausage, hamburgers, turkey legs, funnel cakes and curly fries.

Downtown Revitalization
The City of Selma is committed to the revitalization of its downtown district. A comprehensive strategy for downtown revitalization not only supports the economic health and quality of life in a community, it creates jobs, incubates small businesses and protects property.

It is the goal of the Department of Planning and Development to present to the City of Selma a newly constructed “Riverfront Walking and Bicycle Trail” which will run along the Alabama River. This project will cause this portion of the city to become accessible to local citizens and visitors who would like to view and study the historic structures located in the Water Avenue District.

Selma Interpretive Center: The Selma Interpretive and Welcome Center will be an educational tool used by local citizens and visitors who are interested in civil, human, and voting rights, as well as, social and economic justice. The facility will feature the SELMA STORY, including how Selma became a major thread in a national movement for equal justice. The one-half block complex will house an information center, theatre and audio visual elements, exhibition areas, educational programs, and meeting space. This project is being made possible through a partnership with the local, state, and federal governments.