Information Technology

Information Technology

John Kinnerson Jr, IT Director


Mission Statement

The City of Selma’s Information Technology (IT) Department began operation in February 2006. In an ever-growing technological world, the IT Department is tasked with bringing the city’s technology up to date.

The IT department is strictly involved in providing the infrastructure automation, the governance for the use of the network and operating systems, and assistance in providing operational units the functionality they need.
The IT department is not: a knowledge management office or an office of “policy” which defines which “information” is correct.

  • Governance: Provide the operating parameters for individuals’ and operating units use of IT systems, networks, architecture, etc. (This includes responsibility for  conventional IT security and data assurance).
  • Infrastructure: Providing the operating network and circuitry and all equipment needed to make the IT system work in accordance with an established operating standard and system “size”.
  • Functionality: Providing the capacity for operating applications development, storing and securing the electronic information the organization owns, and providing direct operating assistance in software use and data management to all functional areas in the organization.


City of Selma                                                                                                                                          IT Department
222 Broad Street
Selma, AL 36701


Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Phone:(334) 874-2575
Fax: (334) 874-3954