Former Mayor Darrio Melton 2016-2020

City of Selma, Alabama

2016-2020 Darrio Melton is the Mayor of historic Selma, AL. Darrio is an experienced and trusted leader, problem solver, and community builder who has broad and deep policy experience in a wide range of issues including education, transportation and infrastructure, state boards, agencies and commissions, economic development and tourism, and state government. Darrio’s passion is sharing his insights and experiences to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to reach their goals.

Darrio started his career as a staffer in Alabama’s 7th congressional district, assisting constituents with federal agencies and federal grants. Since that time, Darrio has been elected to Alabama’s State House of Representative where he received covet recognition: 2011 Freshman Legislator of the Year; 2013 House Democratic Caucus Legislator of the Year; 2014 Alabama’s Top 20 Leaders Under 40; Alabama House Democratic Caucus Chair (2014-2016).

Darrio received his Bachelor in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and his Masters in Divinity from Emory University. Darrio serves also as a motivational and inspirational speaker. He is also an ordained pastor and spiritual advisor.

Darrio is married to Christi Amory and has two children, Darrio II and Kinslee Joi.


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