Meet the Mayor

“I am both honored and humbled that the people of Selma have expressed faith in me to be their next mayor. I want to congratulate my opponent on a well-run campaign, and I want to thank everyone who has worked to get our message out to make this victory possible. I would be remiss if I did not especially thank my wife, Christi, for her support and steadfast partnership.

“I want to be clear–this is not just a win on the ballot. Tonight’s results are a clear demonstration that our City prefers progress over stagnation and remains determined to make Selma better each day than the day before.

“Selma has, for 50 years, been a beacon of hope and a symbol of the fusion of hard work and unwavering values. We can continue to build on this reputation and build a Selma we can all be proud to call home.

“We have so much work to do to move Selma forward, and I’m looking forward to getting to work.”