Public Works/Code Enforcement

Henry Hicks, Director of Public Works

Public Works Department’s purpose is to maintain the City’s infrastructure and grounds, and to provide community services, such as tree care, sidewalk and street maintenance.

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Garbage Services:

Garbage is any refuse that is accumulated within the household:

  • Food
  • Paper and plastic items
  • Diapers
Trash Pickup:

Please call (334) 874-2170 with questions about the pick-up dates of trash or designated dumping areas.  If there is garbage in the trash, the trash will not be pickup up.

…See City of Selma Ordinance 109-04105


If you lease a multi-family dwelling with more than six units: You must provide a dumpster on site for tenants to dispose of waste.
If you lease a single-family dwelling or a multi-family dwelling with five or fewer units: You must obtain proof of garbage service for tenants.

This ordinance is effective immediately. Please provide documentation to avoid fines to the Office of Public Service Department in City Hall at 222 Broad Street.
Please call 874-2106 for more information.